Monday, January 15, 2018

Favorite posts of 2017.

Happy New Year! We had a big and beautiful year. Here are some of my favorite posts, in chronological order! (Per usual, I am not good at being selective. Everything's my favorite!)

Can we love two more?

My most favorite baby items

The twins are here! Introducing Lucy and Ellory...

First twin meetings

Lucy and Ellory's birth story

Our NICU story

Going home and sisters meeting!

Big sis, little sis

House tour- Norah's big girl room


Twins newborn/family photos

Norah's favorite toys at 2 1/2

Our little cuties

Tulip Festival

Summer pool inauguration

House tour- Lucy and Ellory's nursery

4th of July

What it's really like to have infant twins: Worries and letting go

What it's really like to have infant twins: Marriage

Lucy and Ellory's dedication

What it's really like to have infant twins: Older siblings

Lucy and Ellory's 6 month/family photos


Chuck E. Cheese fun and our little pumpkins

Norah's 3rd and Kley's 30th birthdays


Foster care update


Disney on Ice with Norah

Christmas train and Santa

Christmas light tour

Christmas part 1

Christmas part 2


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