Sunday, October 31, 2021

Norah is 7- family birthday treat.

One of our favorite birthday traditions is birthday treat night! We let the birthday girl pick where to eat supper and what activity they want to do. Our sweet Norah is 7 and she chose Pizza Ranch and swimming! What a fun family night. Norah, celebrating you is a joy!

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Norah is 7- Schut family celebration.

Our sweet Norah Jean is 7! It seems like she was just born in some ways. These have been such a joyous seven years. So thankful God entrusted her to us- one of our biggest earthly blessings! Norah is growing into a beautiful and kind young girl. Happy birthday Norah! We love you so much!

The Schut side was able to come for the weekend to celebrate. Unfortunately it didn't go as planned because basically our whole family (like the 5 of our immediate family) got a terrible cold and Lucy spiked a fever shortly after everyone arrived, so it was cut short. We were able to switch our family photos we had planned to Saturday morning, and then we had a short outdoor lunch celebration and then everyone headed home. It was disappointing to not have the weekend be what everyone hoped, but I'm very thankful to have everyone together to celebrate Norah for a bit!

Grandpa and Grandma are so special! Love Norah's sweet 7 cake!

Family picture shots- Aunt Kayla.

Uncle Keaton, Aunt Rose, Jorie, and Murphy. (And Grandpa and Grandma again.)

Uncle Zack, Aunt Karlie, and Averie.

Norah picked a pinata for her special birthday treat. Everyone had fun with it!

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Family photos 2021.

It's been two years since we've had professional photos taken, so it was great to get them done again! I think family photos are never incredibly enjoyable in the actual moment, but always thankful they are done afterwards. What beautiful captures in time of this sweet season. So thankful for my family!

Thanks to LG Imagery for these lovely shots!

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Scarecrow Farm 2021.

A fun annual tradition we started a few years ago was going to Scarecrow Farm near the closest big town to us. It's one of our favorite fall outings! My parents got to come to this year, which made it extra special.

Trying to get a good picture by the sunflowers. We also sing the girls "You are my sunshine" before bed every night. Don't our girls just look so full of sunshine in this photo? ;) Can't get a good one every time!

Love the jumping pad!

Such fun!

It was perfect fall sweatshirt weather.

Tractor ride.

Hay bale swings.

Our three beautiful girls are growing up! So special to watch the journey- they seem big in some ways and little in others. Trying to soak up all the moments!

The big slides were a favorite by all!

Lucy shot out of the bottom like a torpedo. It was funny.

Thankful for fall Saturdays and family time!