Thursday, July 28, 2022

County youth fair 2022.

We recently went to our county youth fair and had a great time! Kley was golfing league and it was the only night that week it worked for us to go, so it was a girls outing! It was warm but not too warm and we stayed for three hours and that was the perfect amount. We walked through all the animal barns, ate supper, rode the tractor ride, jumped on the inflatables, watched the greased pig contest (the girls were in awe- never seen anything like that before!), and ended the night with ice cream cones. Yay for summer fun!

Monday, July 25, 2022

Summer rec wrap up 2022.

We recently finished up summer rec sports for the summer! Lucy and Ellory did sports central and t-ball and Norah did softball for six weeks. It was fun and I think they all had a good time! It was neat to watch them interact with teammates and see them try their best. 

Photo with some friends from church.

All three girls were on the Royals team (in their own age brackets). They got a medal and watermelon for the last night!

Go Norah!

Norah had some good hits this year, and she's pretty fast! This was her first year doing coaches pitch and not hitting off of a tee. She did great!

Check out the coach pitch- way to go Kley! He coached both teams (Lucy and Ellory were on the same team), which means he taught back to back. Kley is a good teacher and great with kids!

Lucy and Ellory acted like their medals were Olympic gold. I love watching life through young eyes. 

Go Lucy and Ellory!

Lucy and Ellory had some good hits this year too! This was their first year playing all the way around the bases.

Ellory up to bat.

Lucy up to bat.

Lucy and Ellory also did sports central this summer. (It's like an introduction to sports for 4/5 year olds- they focus on a different sport each week- track, softball, kickball, soccer, classic children's games). They ended with a track and field day at the real track and they were thrilled! They were both so excited. They both enjoyed it a lot. Lucy has a lot of determination and desire! 

They both did great! Lucy got 1st and Ellory got 2nd!

Long jump.

Thankful for a fun summer of sports!

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Omaha with De Jongs- 4th of July 2022.

We spent the 4th of July weekend in Omaha this year. Kley's sister and her family (Elizabeth, Brett, and their two boys Will and Gerrit) just moved there for the next part of Brett's residency program. We are glad Omaha isn't too far away and is a fun city to visit, and having cousins there is the best!

Not sure why it uploads my picture backwards, but we ended  the trip on Monday with the zoo. To be honest, I didn't get many pictures because it was super hot and crowded and the girls were grumpy, but we had some good moments and glad we could go. Grateful for family time together!

Everyone loves the gorillas! It looked like they had painted cardboard? Not sure if they had painted it before, but by the time we got there they were eating it, which the girls thought was funny.

Happy picture at the beginning of the zoo! Check out Norah's pigtails and Ellory's big ponytail- I am thrilled they have started to branch out in styles. For so long they didn't like anything with hair fully up because it "hurt their neck." Now we just need to convince Lucy to try.

Cake for the USA, and for Amma's birthday! Thankful to live here! Doesn't Norah look thrilled?

Sparklers and small fireworks- classic fun!

Some sweet photos with baby cousin Gerrit.

Fun at the children's museum, such a neat place!

Ellory has been really into taking pictures lately; she requests a picture by many things.

The space area was so cool! Walking through this tunnel was so crazy, you felt like you were spinning!

They all enjoyed dressing up like astronauts.

The grocery store there is amazing too- such realistic play food!

Another photo request from Ellory.

Not the best photo, but it's what we got, ha. We went to the pool party in the community where Brett and Elizabeth live. They had a balloon artist, small parade with the kids and a fire truck, and a snow cone truck!

Happy 4th from our sweeties! :)