Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Ellory, my sweet glasses buddy.

Big news in Ellory's world- she got glasses! So adorable!

We had been noticing a little eye crossing, and mainly looking at things closely (like standing close to the TV, holding books close to her face, and always walking up and staring at the book during story time at the library). I actually took her in last year to have her checked for this, but they said she seemed okay (but she was also not as communicative or able to cooperate as much as she was this year). I took her in again just to double check because I was still noticing some things, and thankfully I did, because they said she definitely needed glasses and her prescription is fairly strong! Her eyes/prescription are incredibly similar to mine, so I guess she got all my genetics in that category.

Supportive sisters, my three beautiful girls!

Kley doesn't wear glasses/contacts, so it was special that I could relate to her since I do. Glasses buddies!

I'm writing this on day one of having them, and so far she thought they were really neat for about an hour and then didn't want to wear them after that. Praying that this is a smooth transition for her, that she will get used to wearing them quickly and that she would realize that they help her see better and thus want to wear them!

Now, right before publishing this, she's had them a week and a half, and it's going pretty well! She still occasionally takes them off, but is wearing them the majority of the day. Way to go, Ellory!

Friday, December 27, 2019

Norah's church Christmas program 2019.

Norah had her Christmas program at church and she did great! She was pretty shy about it for a couple weeks before and didn't even want to do it, but we tried to talk positively about it and keep reassuring her that all her friends would be up there doing it with her. She did great! She didn't seem shy the day of and even sang and did the actions. Way to go, Norah! We'll always be your biggest fans!

One of Norah's good friends, Ainsley, that she stood by during the concert. They go to preschool together too!

Monday, December 23, 2019

Family Christmas lights date.

We had a family Christmas date and did one of our favorite traditions- Christmas lights! We have this specific house in a neighboring town that's our favorite. They have TONS of lights with walking paths all the way through so you can walk through and see it all. It's so fun to watch their expressions! We went out to supper before and let the girls pick as part of the date. Who's surprised they picked McDonald's? No one. :)

This Christmas band is one of our favorites. They bounce around and there is Christmas music playing from a speaker. I think it's Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree if I'm remembering right.

Of course we found the Frozen blowups and they were a favorite!

Such a fun family night!

Check out the girls looking at these same lights in 2018 and 2017.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Gingerbread houses.

We had a fun night with the De Jongs having supper, finishing Toy Story 3, and decorating gingerbread houses! The girls loved decorating their houses and it was so fun to watch. 

Love whole family photos! (Minus Jana who was taking it!)

Buying pre-assembled houses is definitely the way to go in my book. 

So fun to have Amma and Aunt Elizabeth help too!

The finished products- Christmas activities are the best!

Monday, December 16, 2019

Christmas parade and Pioneer Village Christmas.

What a fun day of Christmas festivities we had! We saw Santa and rode the Christmas train in the morning, and in the evening we went to the Christmas parade and Pioneer Village Christmas in a neighboring town. Pioneer Village is basically where they set up the summer fairgrounds into a winter wonderland with tons of lights, displays, trees, etc. It's fun to walk through! My parents were here, which made it extra special, and also watched the parade with my sister too! The girls loved the lights and picking up a few pieces of candy.

Three parade cuties!

The town is the home of Blue Bunny ice cream, so everyone loved this ice cream float.

Of course there has to be a Christmas tractor as well in an Iowa parade.

I only got one picture at the Pioneer Village Christmas because the girls were done and tired, but we snapped one with our Frozen favorites! This specific part of the outing didn't go so well, but thankful that most things we do go pretty well and we think it's better to try adventures than not attempt!

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Santa and Christmas train!

We had a fun morning saying hi to Santa and Mrs. Clause and riding the Christmas train! The past few years we had actually been in Des Moines over this weekend because Kley was doing some continuing legal education credits, but he's getting those in a different way this year, so we were home. It was fun to go to this for the first time, and Grandpa and Grandma came to visit too, so it was even more special!

Visiting Santa! We aren't opposed to saying hello, obviously, but there's no actual believing in Santa in our house. We've always told our girls that Santa is just for fun, and Jesus is the real reason we celebrate Christmas. 

We knew the girls would never go up there alone, so Kley and I joined in too. I love Ellory's side eye to Mrs. Clause. I was also surprised she so willingly sat on her lap.

Three girls smiling! :)

They were very excited to ride the train!

The lines were fairly long for both things and the girls waited pretty patiently!

Love their snowman dresses!

Ellory gave us a thumbs up and it's my favorite. So cute. 

Hope you are enjoying this Christmas season!

Monday, December 9, 2019

Thanksgiving 2019.

This year for Thanksgiving, we were in Des Moines. (My parents and brother's family live there, my sister drove home with us because she goes to college where we live, and my other sister/BIL joined from Minneapolis.) It was fun to be all together! My SIL Rose is pregnant and due January 1st, so they were visiting her side for the first part because she won't be able to travel over Christmas, but they joined the last day. 

Grandpa and Grandma joined us girls for a fun morning at Backyard Adventures! (This was before Karlie and Zack got there and while Kayla was studying and Kley worked.) The girls loved the swing sets!

Thanksgiving supper- so much to be thankful for! I love taking the same photos every year, fun to look back on!

Post supper dance party.

Best family photo we got. Happy Thanksgiving from ours to yours!

Another excursion to get out was to Hop-A-Lot, a place with tons of bounce houses, which of course the girls loved too!

Hard to see, but I love Lucy's face!

And then Ellory's face peeking up in the corner! :)

We got together with a couple families from my church growing up. It was great to see everyone again! We used to go out to eat every Sunday after church together, so carrying that on again was special.

My niece, Jorie, is so sweet!

Girls matching Christmas pajamas!

Entire family photos are one of my favorite things ever. :)

Very grateful for His many blessings to us! 

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