Friday, August 28, 2020

Okoboji 2020- Last night.

We had a fun last night of vacation! We went out to eat together, played mini golf, and got ice cream. Thankful for time with family! Truly a blessing. Very grateful for extended family love and support, and also so grateful God has made me a wife and mom. 

4 cousins in a row! I know we will look back on these pictures and laugh about our 4 stroller line. (We actually don't use a stroller much anymore, and when we do we use our double, but on vacation we had more because we thankfully had extra hands, and it was nice to have a stroller even for Norah because there was lots of activity and she was worn out.)

Lucy is holding her ice cream bowl in all these pictures because she is our slowest eater but also our best eater. It's funny how your kids do things sometimes that is so like your spouse, like Kley likes to stir his ice cream together until it's like a malt, and the girls do it too. I don't get it. Lucy's was basically like soup, but she loved it.

The girls enjoyed mini golf! It was Lucy and Ellory's first time, and they surprised me by doing all 18 holes! Now, we certainly didn't follow the rules and they basically walked around hitting wildly, but they did all 18 and had fun. On every hole when they got it in, they would scream, "I won! I won!" It was cute.

I love Norah's pose- leg crossed, finger on the hip and everything. Norah actually got a true hole in one tonight! She was so pumped.

Pictures with our almost kindergartner! She's getting so grown up. 

Two different days in one week where we got a solo photo of us, nice!

Big family photos are my favorite and the most perfect way to end vacation!

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Okoboji 2020- Arnold's Park.

One morning just the five of us snuck away to Arnold's Park and it was so fun! Doing fun outings as a family is my favorite. It was also our ten year anniversary that day, and it was fun to talk about how much we've done in the last ten years and watch our girls have huge smiles (well, under their masks!) while on the rides.

They loved this huge slide!

They loved the (kids) roller coaster! Lucy and Ellory were very brave and tried it for the first time!

I'm thankful that this trampoline thing was the only place that had a line. The rest of the rides they walked right on! Norah did several flips!

Spin the Apple- the girls were spinning so fast! I even slowed it down a couple times just to make sure they didn't get too dizzy. Kley doesn't love rides, but he's a good sport- I'm so glad the girls love them like me!

Ferris Wheel.

I think this was called Freddy the Fish, which is interesting because they all looked like Dory and Nemo!

Lucy and Ellory basically waved to us the entire time on all the rides, it was so cute.

They have a swing ride like this at Tulip Festival, but Norah was always too scared to ride it, but this year she walked right on! She was the only one tall enough for this, along with a couple others, but Lucy and Ellory waited so patiently.

I love when they can ride all together. Kley and I commented that we love this season where this is still amazing. It will make me sad when they think they are too old for rides like this, so we are soaking it up now!

Of course I am biased, but our girls are the cutest!

I got everyone's hands up! (Norah's were up before this.)

Train ride.


2020- the year of masks. The girls do really well wearing them! We have been wearing them in stores and such, but haven't been wearing them outside, but Arnold's Park required them, which was fine. 

We had a great vacation! So thankful for time together and time away before school starts!

Monday, August 24, 2020

Okoboji 2020- Boat ride and more swimming.

One morning it was more chilly, so we spent most of the time swimming in the indoor portion of the pool, but hit the outdoors for the yellow slide again in the end. I love these pictures of Will, what a sweetie! 

So so cute!

Norah is getting to be quite the swimmer!

One night we went for a boat ride. It was so relaxing and fun! Neat to be able to do some things we never get to do at home!

The girls loved it! They each took a turn "driving" and they thought they were so cool!