Thursday, July 29, 2021

Recent reads.

A Little God Time for Mothers: 365 Daily Devotions- I received this devotional from a friend for my birthday. I read a couple pages everyday, as they are really short (one page), so I finished it faster, but I enjoyed it. It's not super deep, but good for a quick minute of encouragement as you have time. It would be a nice devotional to keep on your nightstand or in your purse or something for whenever you have a minute.

Freely and Lightly: God's Gracious Invitation to a Life of Quiet Confidence by Emily Lex- I enjoyed this book. It wasn't riveting in a can't put it down sort of way, but it was light and airy in the breath of fresh air sort of sense when I did get to read it. She includes lots of her watercolor paintings in the book as well, which gave it a calming feel. It was about letting go of expectations and trying so hard, and embracing Jesus' invitation to come to Him for real rest and grace and quiet confidence.

What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty- This is a story about Alice, who hit her head when she fell at the gym and she wakes up thinking she is married, pregnant with their first child, and 29 years old. In realty, she has amnesia and has forgotten the last ten years. She is 39, has three kids, is about to divorce, and her life looks much different than what she would have imagined. I did find myself thinking about this book several times while I wasn't reading it, so it was an enjoyable read. I have read a couple of her other books as well and liked them. I kept wondering what would happen at the end, and I was thankful that I was satisfied with the ending.

Monday, July 26, 2021

County youth fair.

We went to the youth fair in our county as a family for a night and it was so fun! We looked in all the animal barns, jumped in the inflatables, and a favorite event was watching the horse show awhile eating ice cream at the end. The horses were racing around these barrels (like an obstacle course) and I've never seen a horse go so fast. We were all enamored. We stayed up too late, but it was worth it and I know we will look back on this as a great summer memory. :)

They had these signs all over the fairgrounds and the girls loved taking pictures in them. Lucy especially made sure that we stopped at each one. 

I'm so glad inflatable events are back. The girls love them and it's so sweet to watch. We missed them during COVID.

Yay for the fair!

The three sweetest faces I've ever seen through a hole! :)

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Norah- T-ball 2021.

It was so fun to watch Norah play T-ball this year! She has grown a lot since last year both in ability and maturity. She had a great attitude and tried hard. She's a good hitter and a pretty fast runner! Way to go, Norah! Proud of you for giving it your all and learning and growing! Go Cardinals!

Aren't Lucy and Ellory so sweet watching her on the bench?

Beautiful nights on the field!

What a great dad Kley is in helping coach!

The rest of these pictures are from the last night. Thankful for a great season! It's the best to watch your kids enjoy their activities. :)

Love the little smile she gave me from first base.

Go Cardinals!

They got a medal and watermelon as a congratulatory treat.

Love our T-ball player!

Monday, July 19, 2021

Lucy and Ellory- Blastball 2021.

Blastball was definitely a summer highlight for Lucy and Ellory! They both really enjoyed it. Ellory has fun and enjoys her turns, but also likes to draw in the dirt sometimes. But she shows up and has a good attitude! Lucy shows aggression (in a good way) that I never had in sports, which is fun to see in her. She is ready to field every ball and loves to go for it and give it her all. Lucy was asking when Blastball would start since January and wishes it would go all summer. So proud of both of them for giving Blastball a go. Go big red!

Here Lucy and Ellory are both ready to try to field the ball- love it!

Kley is such a good dad and was a rockstar of a coach!

The rest of these pictures are from the last night. Thankful for a good season and that the girls enjoyed it! Also, grateful for a fun cheering section for them with some family coming to join!

Lucy and Ellory loved standing by their cone to field. Lucy even started putting her hands up in preparation. :)

The base makes a honking sound when you jump on it- all the kids love it!

Go red team!

Team cheer- so cute.

They thought it was pretty special to get bomb pops on the last night.

We love our blastballers!

A super fun way to end the season was to watch our town's hot air balloon lift off from the field after the game! So cool! The girls were enthralled.