Monday, July 26, 2021

County youth fair.

We went to the youth fair in our county as a family for a night and it was so fun! We looked in all the animal barns, jumped in the inflatables, and a favorite event was watching the horse show awhile eating ice cream at the end. The horses were racing around these barrels (like an obstacle course) and I've never seen a horse go so fast. We were all enamored. We stayed up too late, but it was worth it and I know we will look back on this as a great summer memory. :)

They had these signs all over the fairgrounds and the girls loved taking pictures in them. Lucy especially made sure that we stopped at each one. 

I'm so glad inflatable events are back. The girls love them and it's so sweet to watch. We missed them during COVID.

Yay for the fair!

The three sweetest faces I've ever seen through a hole! :)


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