Monday, July 19, 2021

Lucy and Ellory- Blastball 2021.

Blastball was definitely a summer highlight for Lucy and Ellory! They both really enjoyed it. Ellory has fun and enjoys her turns, but also likes to draw in the dirt sometimes. But she shows up and has a good attitude! Lucy shows aggression (in a good way) that I never had in sports, which is fun to see in her. She is ready to field every ball and loves to go for it and give it her all. Lucy was asking when Blastball would start since January and wishes it would go all summer. So proud of both of them for giving Blastball a go. Go big red!

Here Lucy and Ellory are both ready to try to field the ball- love it!

Kley is such a good dad and was a rockstar of a coach!

The rest of these pictures are from the last night. Thankful for a good season and that the girls enjoyed it! Also, grateful for a fun cheering section for them with some family coming to join!

Lucy and Ellory loved standing by their cone to field. Lucy even started putting her hands up in preparation. :)

The base makes a honking sound when you jump on it- all the kids love it!

Go red team!

Team cheer- so cute.

They thought it was pretty special to get bomb pops on the last night.

We love our blastballers!

A super fun way to end the season was to watch our town's hot air balloon lift off from the field after the game! So cool! The girls were enthralled. 


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