Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Strawberry picking 2021.

Strawberry picking is one of my favorite annual traditions! It's always so fun and a unique activity. This year, Getting's Gardens (our closest strawberry patch), added some new things. They called it a "mega playground" with playground equipment, sand pits and climbing structures, a bounce house, strawberry jumping pad, a giant slide that you ride down on on a tube, and a petting zoo. The petting zoo and the giant slide were probably the favorites, along with picking strawberries! The girls did great. 6 and 4 are fun ages. Sure, they fight with each other more than when they were younger (good and bad about every stage!), but it's getting easier to go out and do bigger excursions. Lots of warm weather activities to be had- what a fun summer! 

Checking out the sand pit.

We went with some friends, which made it even more special!

My strawberry picking helpers!

How cute and perfect are Lucy and Ellory's strawberry dresses for this?

Norah liked to pick them and put them in her dress to carry them. Lucy liked to eat them and declare each one sweet. Ellory liked to ask me if almost each one she picked was red enough to put in the basket. :)

The giant slide was so fun!

Neat to take pictures by these sweet signs each year. 

Thankful for a fun day and special summer memories!


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