Friday, June 28, 2019

Recent reads.

The Queen of Hearts by Kimmery Martin- I heard this recommended on a blog I read and was one of the ones on my reading list that didn't have a long waiting list (yay!) at our library, so I snatched it up. It's about two best friends, Zadie and Emma, who work in the medical field (a pediatric cardiologist and a trauma surgeon). A former coworker back from their medical school days moves back to the area, which resurfaces a lot of memories and a huge secret, and then the timeline moves back and forth between past and present. It was an entertaining read, not completely captivating in the "can't put it down" sense, but good.

A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet: Southern Stories of Faith, Family, and Fifteen Pounds of Bacon by Sophie Hudson- I got this book from my MIL and it had been sitting on my shelf for awhile, so it was nice to get it read! I love having some books in person waiting on my shelf for times when I don't want to worry about when I need to return it to the library. I had never heard of her before, but this was a sweet, light, funny read. She is a Christian and talks about God in the book, but it's not a Bible study book or anything, it's more stories of her life. I enjoyed it and appreciated her humor.

Spilled Milk by K.L. Randis- I found this book because I somehow got an amazon credit but it had to be used from an "amazon good reads" list or something like that, so this was one of the choices that was cheap enough to use the credit. The story of how I found it doesn't make it sound so promising, but I actually read it in two days on vacation and really loved it. It's a very sad book, as it's about a girl who was abused by her father, but I was captivated by her story and her vulnerability and strength. It was a mix of sexual and physical abuse, mostly sexual to her and physical to her siblings, but I was really interested in her thought processes behind it and how she overcame to live a healthy and joyful life, despite her family not doing so. She ended up coming forth and sharing what was happening and they went to trial and she testified against him, and grew up to be a counselor for similar situations she went through. She is doing so much good despite going through so much hurt! I was really intrigued by her story because we are licensed for foster care/adoption, so I enjoyed it from an educational sense as well to learn more about the topic of abuse and why she didn't tell for so long/how she chose to tell and when/how she overcame. I would definitely recommend, though be aware of sensitive topics included.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Celebration weekend/Father's Day 2019.

We had lots to celebrate this weekend! We were in Des Moines for Jorie's first birthday party (our niece/cousin), and Sunday she was dedicated at their church, and it was also my dad's birthday and Father's Day! We had a fun time celebrating. Spending time with family is the best!

Jorie's party was so cute, look at the adorable background sign! 

We love you Jorie and pray you grow up to love and serve Jesus!

We also drove my grandparents to Des Moines for the weekend too, which was very special and they were so happy to be there. (They live close to us and can't drive that far alone anymore.) So fun to watch them enjoy it! My grandpa says often that he wishes he could get on the floor and play with the great grandkids but he just can't, and I think it's so sweet that he really wants to.

When we drove home on Sunday, we were able to have supper with Kley's family. I always love getting to see both sides of the family in the same day- doesn't happen often!

Practicing our golf swings! Kley's parents live on the golf course, so this is their backyard!

Hardly ever get one on one shots with the girls, love it!

Practicing with Papa and Amma.

The best family shots we could get. Happy Father's Day to you, Kley. You are a wonderful dad and I am so thankful to parent with you. We all sure love you!!

Very fun to see Brett, Elizabeth, and Will too! (It was also Brett's birthday!)

Friday, June 21, 2019

Florida 2019- Ocean, Jorie's birthday, ice cream, pictures on the beach.

We went to a state park close to where we were staying and enjoyed the beach there. We saw lots of shells, everyone enjoyed the waves and sand, and we even saw dolphins in the distance and several stingrays super close to shore! So cool. Someone at the beach even said there was a hammerhead shark sighting, but we didn't see it and tried to downplay that since Norah would have freaked out. (Before the trip, she said she was scared of the ocean because of sharks.) I've never seen stingrays so close to the shore like that before!

It always takes my camera a minute to get used to the humidity, so the first couple look hazy.

I could take ocean pictures of the girls for days.

I love this picture of Lucy and Ellory! They were enthralled and so entertained.

This is a favorite of Lucy too!

It was so sweet to celebrate Jorie's first birthday while we were in Florida too. Happy first birthday Jorie, we love you!

Lots of attention for the birthday girl. :)

I love this picture of all three blowing out her candle!

Little cutie.

We found the most delicious ice cream truck called Shoobie's and went there multiple times throughout the week. It was seriously good!

The girls agreed. :)

We took some family photos on the beach! The girls did so well with no complaining. We got some great all family ones, but I can't post those because those are reserved for my mom's Christmas card later.

Love this family shot!

Beach babes.

Grandparent/granddaughter shot.

All the girls!

Monday, June 17, 2019

Florida 2019- Ocean and pool fun.

We had such a fun time enjoying the beach and pool. What a treat! So nice to spend time with family and enjoy nice weather. The girls thoroughly enjoy having grandparents and aunts/uncles around to play with and entertain them, and thankful for family who will happily oblige that!

The girls love having daddy around a lot too!

Trying to surf on Uncle Zack's back.

The house we stayed in had a private pool, which was awesome and we definitely utilized it!

Seeing the ocean everyday is the best.

Sun hats and rash guards are the cutest. (I am all for rash guards- more sun protection and less sunscreen to put on!)

Checking out the waves!

It's fun to watch Norah grow more and more comfortable in the water- practicing her back float!

Watching my parents be grandparents is pretty special!

Daddy and his girls!

Practicing our jumps!

Lucy is an absolute fish. She is the most adventurous/fearless of the girls- she loves to jump in over and over, doesn't care if a wave hits her in the face, and loves to be thrown in the air in the pool. Fun to watch her love it, but you also have to keep close tabs on her at all times because she thinks she can do more than she really can.

Norah is getting great at being brave to jump, put her face under, and swim short distances (with floaties still, but good progress)!

Grandma even got in the pool to play! Ellory is getting more and more comfortable in the water too.

This is one of the most hilarious pictures ever and will be a forever favorite I think. Lucy loved to be thrown up, and the whole week she struggled to keep her swim bottoms up! It was so funny. She has the tiniest booty! If you look closely, you can see that I even put a hair tie on one side to make it tighter, ha!

Another example of Lucy being thrown!

Very grateful for a wonderful week!