Friday, June 21, 2019

Florida 2019- Ocean, Jorie's birthday, ice cream, pictures on the beach.

We went to a state park close to where we were staying and enjoyed the beach there. We saw lots of shells, everyone enjoyed the waves and sand, and we even saw dolphins in the distance and several stingrays super close to shore! So cool. Someone at the beach even said there was a hammerhead shark sighting, but we didn't see it and tried to downplay that since Norah would have freaked out. (Before the trip, she said she was scared of the ocean because of sharks.) I've never seen stingrays so close to the shore like that before!

It always takes my camera a minute to get used to the humidity, so the first couple look hazy.

I could take ocean pictures of the girls for days.

I love this picture of Lucy and Ellory! They were enthralled and so entertained.

This is a favorite of Lucy too!

It was so sweet to celebrate Jorie's first birthday while we were in Florida too. Happy first birthday Jorie, we love you!

Lots of attention for the birthday girl. :)

I love this picture of all three blowing out her candle!

Little cutie.

We found the most delicious ice cream truck called Shoobie's and went there multiple times throughout the week. It was seriously good!

The girls agreed. :)

We took some family photos on the beach! The girls did so well with no complaining. We got some great all family ones, but I can't post those because those are reserved for my mom's Christmas card later.

Love this family shot!

Beach babes.

Grandparent/granddaughter shot.

All the girls!


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