Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Florida 2019- First ocean views for the girls!

My parents like to give family trips as our Christmas presents, which I think is a fabulous idea! My love language is quality time, so I love being together over gifts! We went to Florida with my family for a week at the beach and it was so fun to watch the girls experience the ocean for the first time! I love this candid picture of everyone!

We stayed in Port Saint Joe, which is about 1.5 hours away from Panama City on the northern gulf side. (My dad picked that for the house, because it's hard to find a house big enough to hold all of us!) It was a great house with a beautiful beach that wasn't too busy. It's so great to stay in a house together because then we have common living areas and aren't confined to our own hotel rooms, especially with young kids who need naps. 

There's something so beautiful about the vastness of the ocean and the line between the sky and water as far as you can see!

So fun to have my niece Jorie along too!

Thankful for a fun daddy who loves to get in the water!

I was so thankful Norah had a good time, because she was pretty nervous before. She was convinced the waves would be huge and there would be sharks and whales, and she told me the night before that she'd just look at the ocean from the car, but when we got there she had a great time and even went in a little!

Love my family!

The girls just played away in the sand for a very long time; it was so sweet to see!

"This is the ocean guys, I can't believe it!" :)

They loved the wet sand!

There were these ocean animal kites that were flying all day too. The girls loved spotting them, and they even had lights on them at night!

Cant get over their swimsuits and hats! They played so peacefully together and it was the cutest.

I love this picture of Norah, just rocking back and forth in the water. 

The first views of the ocean were pretty spectacular!


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