Monday, January 11, 2021

Christmas 2020- De Jong side.

We were in Des Moines over actual Christmas with my side, and we got to celebrate over New Year's with Kley's side! I really love celebrating with both side. What a joy to reflect on our Savior's birth and to enjoy quality time together as a family. This Christmas was especially sweet being together, as we didn't get to see family as much as we usually get to this year because of COVID. So thankful for His birth and family!

I'm not sure of the origin of this tradition, but last year the De Jongs started the tradition of the "Find the Pickle" game after hearing about several families in our church doing it. It's fun! Basically you just hide the pickle somewhere in the house and whoever finds it gets a prize. We did a couple rounds, and Lucy was so excited when she found it on her turn!

We had a popcorn bar for afternoon snack. So fun!

A rare picture of just me and my love!

Ellory got this Paw Patrol tower and she's in love!

Lucy got this builder construction set and it's been a huge hit!

Norah has been loving sleeping with a "cozy" blanket, meaning she's been stealing the one from the living room, so she got her own. She loved it!

Our best family photo shot.

Love four matching cousins! We unfortunately didn't get a whole family shot this holiday, but next time!

Friday, January 8, 2021

Christmas 2020- Schut side.

Merry Christmas! We were able to go to Des Moines, where my parents live, to celebrate with them and my siblings. We hunkered down at their house and didn't go anywhere, which was okay by me. I mean, a trip to Target would have been nice, but I'm grateful for all we can get! I'm thankful we were healthy and able to even see my family. 

Love our sweet family and glad we've gotten so much time together this year. 

My Christmas girls in red!

Entire family photos are my favorite.

Cute matching cousins in outfits from grandma!

One of my favorite things about Christmas this year was meeting my new niece Averie. What a sweetie!

Our beautiful Norah is growing up!

Matching Christmas pajamas!

Merriest Christmas to you all and blessings in 2021! Wonderful to celebrate Jesus coming- the best news!

Monday, January 4, 2021

Meeting our new niece Averie!

The best part of Christmas was meeting my new niece Averie! This is my sister Karlie's first baby. We are so excited for a new niece and cousin and holding her was amazing. It's so great to watch Zack and Karlie start their parenting journey. Doing it together and supporting each other is the best!  

The best picture- being an aunt is so fun!

Kley is super excited to be an uncle again too! He truly loves it and gets very excited and it's so fun to watch.

The girls meeting Averie for the first time!

What a sweetie! Love her wide eyes, like she's wondering what's happening.

Averie Jo Schornack was born on November 12, 2020 at 8:36am and was 20.5" and 8 lbs. even. Welcome to the world, sweet Averie. You are deeply loved already!

Monday, December 28, 2020

Church Christmas program and Norah's zoom Christmas tumbling show.

We got to enjoy some Christmas shows! Norah has been in tumbling this year and has enjoyed it. She had her Christmas show via zoom and she did a wonderful job! No one was allowed in (Kley dropped her off and waited for her outside), and I wondered if that would make her nervous because this was her first show like this before, but Kley said she walked in just fine! It was fun to watch her! She was so proud when she got home. 

She did this pose all on her own- our tumbling star!

All three of the girls got to be in the church program this year- so fun! This was in person, so it was fun to watch live. We wore masks, sat socially distanced, and didn't stay after to fellowship. Every state and place is different and has a lot of difficult decisions to work through during these COVID times, and I appreciate the many people in health care and those in leadership positions doing their best, whatever that looks like.

2/3 good smiles, we'll take it I guess? Lucy has a nice shiner on her eye from running into the corner of the dining room table. Ouch!

They sang some fun songs! Hearing kids voices praising God is one of the sweetest sounds ever. 

Ellory didn't want to go up for the first song and just sat on her teacher's lap, but made it up there for the rest! They all did great!

The program this year focused on Jesus' heart for the nations and His love for the world. :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Gingerbread houses and Christmas train ride.

Now that the girls are getting a bit older, decorating gingerbread houses has become a favorite tradition! Last year and this year, we've done it at Kley's parents house and I want to keep it going! The girls loved it and were creative and engaged for quite a while. They were so proud!

I don't get one on one pictures very often- love it!

They had a little help here and there when they asked, but they did a lot of it themselves.

Uncle Kley and Will have a special bond! :)

My pictures are uploading in weird order, but it was a very fun Christmas project! A great afternoon with wonderful people!

There are usually several big community Christmas parties for kids that we go to, but many were cancelled this year, so we are making the most of what we do get to do! One event was paired down to just the train ride, but there was hardly anyone there and the girls were pumped to be able to ride three times and have a special outing with Kley. They still had a great time!