Monday, December 11, 2017

Living up the last of the warmth.

We had some unseasonably warm days early this December, so we tried to make it outside several times before it got really cold. These pictures are from our last park day of the year. As I'm typing this, it's much colder- looking forward to Christmas and all the festivities, but sad that it's going to be too cold to go outside for the foreseeable future. (I'm also having some weird issues with my camera randomly taking blurry pictures, so sorry some don't have the best clarity.)

Norah loves her new scooter she got for her birthday!

I wish this picture was clear, because I love it. My three girls and their pom-pom hats. 

Love her little smile!

I have such fond memories of going to the park often by the house I grew up in, and I hope our girls look back on this park by our house with the same kind of memories.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Disney on Ice with Norah.

As one of Norah's birthday presents, we got her tickets to Disney on Ice over Thanksgiving weekend. It worked out great because we were in Des Moines already and my parents watched Lucy and Ellory. As we were talking about it, I was surprised on how much she understood, because it wasn't a physical gift to open, but when she would see any princess she would talk about seeing them at Disney on Ice and she was excited. She originally thought it was just a special movie she was going to get to watch in the van on the way to Des Moines, but we tried to explain to her the concept of a show.

The day finally came and it was awesome! It was special for Kley and I to be able to do something one on one with her, and it was so fun to watch the awe in her eyes.

Beauty and the Beast's Be Our Guest song.

Mickey and Minnie were the announcers.

Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid.

We forked over the money for an outrageously priced light up wand, but it was totally worth it, as this is a special thing that we don't normally do. She didn't ask for anything, but we let her pick out something she wanted and she was excited! Sometimes it's so special to surprise your kids with something fun and unexpected.

I really love this picture. :)


And Norah's favorite part at the end- Frozen!

Norah is a big Frozen fan,

The end when everyone came out together.

It was a super fun outing with our oldest gal! I will always look back on this day with fond memories. 

Monday, December 4, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017.

I was very sad to realize halfway through our car ride to Des Moines that I forgot my camera, so Thanksgiving 2017 is captured through my phone. Oh well. 

We had a great Thanksgiving! We spent it in Des Moines with my family, and all my siblings were able to be there, so it was a special time with family. Breakfast was filled with cinnamon rolls and donuts (not on the same day, ha) and Norah definitely got on board with that. :)

Breakfast crew.

Watching the parade. (Norah watched a couple floats, but then wasn't too interested. I hoped she would love it more, but oh well. She was too busy playing.)

Grandma got Norah this amazing, giant Minnie light up cup, and of course she loves it.

Lucy and Ellory were very entertained with many people to hold/play with them and by all of grandma and grandpa's toys! Savings all of our toys from when we were little is totally paying off- they love them and it's so nice that there's lots of toys when we go visit!

Had to get one more wear out of their pumpkin outfits before Christmas festivities.

"I must take every toy out of the buckets individually and put it in my mouth to check if it tastes good." Guess what? They all tasted good. :)

They are loving their baby food!

Thanksgiving dinner. It was delayed because Black Friday shopping for new iphones took longer than anticipated, but dinner was had and the phones were got (not for me, but for others), and it was a fun day with family! Love this picture!

Trying to take a family picture. I took one with Lucy and Ellory while Kley was trying to convince Norah to be in the photo.

Clearly, it didn't work very well. This was the best family shot we got- finger in the corner and Norah squirming.

Norah didn't want to be picked up and said she just wanted to look through the poles. :) She's also chewing on a piece of rubber jelly from the play food bin that looks surprisingly realistic.

Happy Thanksgiving! We are thankful for many things, but thankful for our three healthy, happy girls and for where we are at. It was and is an adjustment going from 1 to 3 and the first few months were a whirlwind, but we are thankful for the busy fun we have and to feel like we're in a new normal. Parenthood is an amazing responsibility and blessing!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Lucy and Ellory- Nine Months.

Lucy and Ellory are 9 months! They seem so much bigger now that they are crawling and have 6 teeth. They are the best babies! Ellory is calm and content almost always, but can get pretty mad when she's rarely upset. Lucy is curious, more dramatic, and always on the move. Both are happy and smile and laugh often. Both can crawl with the same ability, but Lucy crawls more.

Stats/Doctor visits: Both weren't sleeping very well, so we took them in to check for ear infections on 11/18 (38 weeks), and Ellory had an ear infection in her left ear. Ellory weighed 17 lbs 14 oz (47%) and Lucy weighed 16 lbs (16%). At their 9 month wellness check on 11/22, Ellory was 18 lbs 6 oz (55%), 27.75” (56%), and head circumference was 17.5” (68%). Lucy was 16 lbs 4 oz (18%), 28” (66%), and head circumference was 17.5” (68%). I think the scales are a bit wonky, because the numbers fluctuate because they don't lay completely still so they just pick one in the middle, so it seems crazy that in 4 days between being weighed that Ellory gained 8 oz.

Teeth: Ellory got her top left lateral incisor on 10/28, her top right tooth on 11/1 (35 weeks), her top left tooth and top right lateral incisor both on 11/4 (36 weeks), so she had a huge teething week! Lucy got her top right lateral incisor on 11/12 and her top left lateral incisor on 11/13 (37 weeks).

Feeding: Both are good eaters! Lucy still eats baby food a bit better and Ellory drinks her bottle a bit better, but both are doing well. They have had many foods now. This month they were eating mixtures of apples, pears, bananas, sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, strawberries, corn, peas, and zucchini. They aren't picky and have eaten it all! They also tried strawberry and banana baby yogurt and liked that too. They have tried puffs, a bit of muffin and mashed potato and handled it okay, but still gag easily. They still nurse at 8, baby food at 11, nurse at 1:45, bottle at 5:30, baby food at 8, and nurse/bottle at 10:30.

Diapers/clothes: Wearing size 3 diapers and 9 month clothes (with a few 6-9 month or 6-12 month thrown in). It still fits them well, but I can tell that they are growing because it's not as loose as when they started wearing 9 month.

Sleeping: On normal nights, they are awesome sleepers. Yay! They've had a few spouts of night wakings, but that was either when they were teething or had ear infections. Sometimes they would fuss and put themselves back to sleep, but otherwise nursing usually helps and they fall right back to sleep. If someone wakes in the night, it's usually Lucy, but Ellory did too when she had an ear infection. When they are healthy, they sleep all night and it's incredible. They nurse and have a bottle about 10:30 and then go to sleep, and are up at 8ish to nurse again, but they to back to sleep until about 10. They take 2 naps a day, unless they wake up early and then take a short late morning catnap. They take a good afternoon nap from about 2-4:30, and then a short half hour nap about 7:15.

Developments: On 10/25 (34 weeks), Lucy went from laying down to sitting up. The biggest development has been crawling! At 35 weeks, they started actively crawling, and now are pretty quick and can crawl anywhere. Keeps us on our toes! They have the same ability, but Lucy definitely uses it more as she's quite curious. Lucy also pulls herself up to stand frequently now (first time on 10/30 at 35 weeks) and is often found standing! Ellory has only pulled herself up to stand once (11/14 at 37 weeks)- she's just content to sit on the floor with her toys. They are sitting up strong enough that they sit in the tub and they love to splash and play. They laugh and talk to each other and it's the cutest. Ellory pays a bit more attention to Lucy than Lucy does to Ellory. They love to pull out tons of toys from the shelf and put everything in their mouth.

Favorites: Lucy's favorites are crawling, pulling herself to stand, baby food, getting into whatever she can get her hands on, trying to get into the bathtub, being held and climbing all over mom and dad.

Ellory's favorites are toys, milk, neck tickles, tipping backwards (when being held), baby dolls, splashing in the tub, being held, and sucking her thumb. We love you so much girls!

My pictures went a bit crazy. Somehow one of the girls wiped something on the lens and all my pictures of Ellory were blurry and I didn't realize until after. Oops. So this picture would have been adorable. 

Then Lucy kept grabbing her feet.

And the pictures together didn't go so well. Ha.

Since the pictures on my big camera didn't go so well, I uploaded the ones from my phone, because those went better!

Other than the together ones- those still didn't go well. :)