Thursday, March 31, 2022

Lucy and Ellory recently.

Christmas was so great back in December! Experiencing it through their eyes is such fun. We were home for Christmas and had some fun family times swimming, ice skating, and sledding. We were able to get together with the De Jongs a few times also, so special! We were supposed to celebrate with Schuts early January, but we found out all three girls had Covid! We tested before seeing family because we found out we were exposed, and were surprised all three of them had it. We quarantined at home for a few days, but thankfully they were all completely asymptomatic the entire time. Other than that, we have been really healthy! For their big Christmas present, we also went to Great Wolf Lodge a couple weeks ago. It was our first vacation just the five of us, and we had such a special time! It was so much fun and a treat to just enjoy our time together. We got to go to Disney on Ice in December too and we loved it! We have a Disney trip coming up with the De Jongs that we can't wait for!

Lucy and Ellory just switched over to S/6 clothes. Bittersweet to say goodbye to the toddler section, but they were ready. Ellory is still wearing an 11 and Lucy a 10 shoe. Ellory is a rock at sleeping through the night, Lucy not so much. She was doing much better for awhile, but for the last bit has been waking in the night a lot again. Lucy occasionally takes a short nap, but not very often (usually it's in the car if she does), and it's super rare that Ellory would nap. Lucy's favorite thing to wear is a t-shirt or sweatshirt and sweatpants, and Ellory really loves to wear dresses.

They are so excited for their upcoming birthday! They are counting down the days. We will have some preschool and Sunday School friends over for a party. Lucy wants a Curious George theme and Ellory wants a heart theme, so a Curious George Heart party it is! They got a 5 pinata they are excited to do with their friends. For their family celebration, we went to Drop Zone and Red Robin in Sioux City. We celebrated their birthday in Des Moines with the Schut side and went out for supper on their birthday with De Jongs.

They are both doing so well at preschool. They enjoy going and it makes us so happy that they are excited to go and love telling us what they did afterwards. They learn a letter a week and get to do so many fun things, like slipper day for S and popcorn/pizza party for P. They are doing so well at practicing their glockenspiel song each week for Kindermusik. Lucy especially is so determined to play it perfectly. They do great at going to Sunday School also. Both Lucy and Ellory sang so well at the church Christmas program. Going to story time at the library is a weekly highlight too. We started watching a friend's kids three mornings a week before Christmas, and they enjoy playing together and mostly get along really well.

Ellory is very thoughtful and asks lots of theological questions. She loves to play with her sisters, but also plays the most independently. She likes magna-tiles, is super detailed at coloring, likes to be the baby or an animal when playing pretend, likes to set up restaurant, play Barbies, and play outside.

Lucy has been giving compliments lately that are so cute, like Kley is good at playing guitar or complimenting my cooking. She likes to play outside, make crafts, Hot Wheels cars, play songs on her playlist, play house and babies, and play Barbies.

Lucy and Ellory, you are so sweet and so much fun. We love you so much and you bring so much light to our family!

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Norah recently.

We had a wonderful Christmas break back in December; it was so fun to spend time together as a family and with the De Jongs. We went swimming and ice skating as a family, and got together with Will and Gerrit a few times too. We were supposed to celebrate with Schuts in early January, but found out that all three girls had Covid! We tested because we found out we were exposed before we had Christmas, and they surprisingly tested positive. We had to quarantine at home for a bit, but thankfully they were all completely asymptomatic the entire time. So thankful it wasn't worse! Due to busy schedules, we just celebrated Schut Christmas in mid-February!

Norah had a tough time adjusting back to school for a bit after Christmas break, and then again after having Covid shortly after that, but she is doing so well now. She is going to bed well most nights, and seems happy going to school in the morning and rarely says her stomach hurts anymore. Her teacher is great and we are so thankful she feels safe and happy at school. She is a spelling test champ and her reading is really improving too! She is really responsible with doing her homework after school (one reading page and occasionally finishing a brief worksheet or something she didn't finish at school).

Norah recently lost both of her bottom lateral incisors, for a total of six teeth (bottom left on 1/5/22 and bottom right on 1/31/22). She got some stick on earrings for one of her tooth prizes that have been a huge hit! She is wearing size 1 shoes and M/8 clothes. She has been doing really well at sleeping through the night. She did a week long Northwestern dance camp in January and performed a dance at the halftime of a basketball game, she did a great job! She also did so well singing her solo at the Christmas concert at church! She's enjoying first grade Sunday School and is still doing piano. Practicing isn't her most favorite, but most days she does pretty well and she's learned so much in a short time!

For their big Christmas present, we went to Great Wolf Lodge a couple weeks ago. It was our first vacation just the five of us. It was SO much fun and the girls had the best time. It was so special to just enjoy time together. Great memories made! We went to Disney on Ice in December and really loved it! We enjoyed celebrating Lucy and Ellory turning 5- Norah is a great big sister! We also have a Disney trip coming up soon with the De Jongs that we can't wait for!

Norah likes to make crafts, color, play dolls/family, listen to her music playlist, play outside and find treasures/gems, and set up houses/cities with figurines and toys. She likes to write Kley and I notes while at school. Norah, being your parents is such a joy and we love you very much!

Monday, March 21, 2022

Omaha zoo day and weekend away.

What a fun weekend! (A couple weekends ago!) We met my parents in Omaha and went to the zoo for the afternoon. Norah was excited to get out of school a little early! Kley unfortunately ended up having to work longer, so he missed the zoo part. The girls and I had a lot of fun with Grandpa and Grandma! It was nice weather and we got to see lots of fun animals moving around. 

I love this picture of Lucy and Ellory with the gorilla. There were several who were walking around a lot, so fun to watch! One hit the glass once too!

The giraffes weren't outside today, but I'm so glad we circle back around and saw them inside because they were just feeding them. They were loving it and we got to see them pretty close up. Giraffes are my favorite!

Time with family is always a treat!

Norah looks really old to me in this picture. What a beautiful girl, inside and out!

We got to see one of the zoo's new baby elephants, super cute! He wasn't that sturdy at walking yet.

Our lovely recently turned five-year-olds!

The butterfly house and aquarium are always fun/favorite spots.

After the zoo, my parents took the girls to Des Moines for the weekend (where they live) and Kley and I stayed in Omaha for the weekend solo. (Kley arrived right as we were finishing up at the zoo, so he thankfully got to see the girls and say goodbye before they left.) What a special treat to have some alone time together! We hadn't had a night away, let alone two nights, in a long time, so it was amazing! We had a great time- shopping, golf, seeing a movie, eating out and eating slowly, ice cream, massages/pedicures, so fun and relaxing! What a gift to have that time together.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

First day back at the park 2022.

We had a couple really nice days close to 60 degrees in the beginning of March, and we hit the park for the first time this year. Returning to the park is always a joyous day! Our dear park, we will be back, many many times this year, thanks for waiting for us during the winter. :)

How sweet is this sister shot? Love these three so much!