Monday, March 21, 2022

Omaha zoo day and weekend away.

What a fun weekend! (A couple weekends ago!) We met my parents in Omaha and went to the zoo for the afternoon. Norah was excited to get out of school a little early! Kley unfortunately ended up having to work longer, so he missed the zoo part. The girls and I had a lot of fun with Grandpa and Grandma! It was nice weather and we got to see lots of fun animals moving around. 

I love this picture of Lucy and Ellory with the gorilla. There were several who were walking around a lot, so fun to watch! One hit the glass once too!

The giraffes weren't outside today, but I'm so glad we circle back around and saw them inside because they were just feeding them. They were loving it and we got to see them pretty close up. Giraffes are my favorite!

Time with family is always a treat!

Norah looks really old to me in this picture. What a beautiful girl, inside and out!

We got to see one of the zoo's new baby elephants, super cute! He wasn't that sturdy at walking yet.

Our lovely recently turned five-year-olds!

The butterfly house and aquarium are always fun/favorite spots.

After the zoo, my parents took the girls to Des Moines for the weekend (where they live) and Kley and I stayed in Omaha for the weekend solo. (Kley arrived right as we were finishing up at the zoo, so he thankfully got to see the girls and say goodbye before they left.) What a special treat to have some alone time together! We hadn't had a night away, let alone two nights, in a long time, so it was amazing! We had a great time- shopping, golf, seeing a movie, eating out and eating slowly, ice cream, massages/pedicures, so fun and relaxing! What a gift to have that time together.


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