Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Norah recently.

We had a wonderful Christmas break back in December; it was so fun to spend time together as a family and with the De Jongs. We went swimming and ice skating as a family, and got together with Will and Gerrit a few times too. We were supposed to celebrate with Schuts in early January, but found out that all three girls had Covid! We tested because we found out we were exposed before we had Christmas, and they surprisingly tested positive. We had to quarantine at home for a bit, but thankfully they were all completely asymptomatic the entire time. So thankful it wasn't worse! Due to busy schedules, we just celebrated Schut Christmas in mid-February!

Norah had a tough time adjusting back to school for a bit after Christmas break, and then again after having Covid shortly after that, but she is doing so well now. She is going to bed well most nights, and seems happy going to school in the morning and rarely says her stomach hurts anymore. Her teacher is great and we are so thankful she feels safe and happy at school. She is a spelling test champ and her reading is really improving too! She is really responsible with doing her homework after school (one reading page and occasionally finishing a brief worksheet or something she didn't finish at school).

Norah recently lost both of her bottom lateral incisors, for a total of six teeth (bottom left on 1/5/22 and bottom right on 1/31/22). She got some stick on earrings for one of her tooth prizes that have been a huge hit! She is wearing size 1 shoes and M/8 clothes. She has been doing really well at sleeping through the night. She did a week long Northwestern dance camp in January and performed a dance at the halftime of a basketball game, she did a great job! She also did so well singing her solo at the Christmas concert at church! She's enjoying first grade Sunday School and is still doing piano. Practicing isn't her most favorite, but most days she does pretty well and she's learned so much in a short time!

For their big Christmas present, we went to Great Wolf Lodge a couple weeks ago. It was our first vacation just the five of us. It was SO much fun and the girls had the best time. It was so special to just enjoy time together. Great memories made! We went to Disney on Ice in December and really loved it! We enjoyed celebrating Lucy and Ellory turning 5- Norah is a great big sister! We also have a Disney trip coming up soon with the De Jongs that we can't wait for!

Norah likes to make crafts, color, play dolls/family, listen to her music playlist, play outside and find treasures/gems, and set up houses/cities with figurines and toys. She likes to write Kley and I notes while at school. Norah, being your parents is such a joy and we love you very much!


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