Thursday, March 3, 2022

Lucy and Ellory's 5th birthday party.

We celebrated Lucy and Ellory's 5th birthday with a Curious George (Lucy) Heart (Ellory) party with some friends from preschool and Sunday School. It was a fun, wild time! Watching a group of young kids together is always entertaining. They are so cute together.

A favorite party highlight for years has been Kley playing guitar. An all time favorite is "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" where he likes to throw in other random body parts and speeds it up each round until you are going turbo speed at the end. All the kinds think it's hilarious, and it really is hilarious and Kley is the best. Norah also did a wonderful job during their party of sharing her sister's joy, proud of her!

Party friends! We ate supper, had cake, sang songs, played pin the tail on George, and decorated bags and had a 5 pinata. It was great!

Seeing the girls smile while we sing happy birthday to them each year is so special; I hope they always feel loved and treasured by us and their support group.

Making their birthday boards each year is one of my most favorite things. Thankful for so many special memories with our girls!

Ellory loves dresses and Lucy loves sweats, so their heart dress and Curious George t-shirt have been a huge hit and they've worn them a lot already!

Happy birthday, my sweet 5-year-olds. You are a true joy and I want to treasure this stage forever. :)


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