Monday, February 28, 2022

Lucy and Ellory are FIVE!

Lucy and Ellory are 5! It's so fun to talk with them about my pregnancy and their arrival now that they can understand more. Time with them is slow and fast all together. I can't believe it's been five years, but I also want to move slowly and savor their sweetness as they are growing so quickly. (Don't talk to me about kindergarten next year yet!) I spent a lot of my pregnancy wondering why God chose us to be twin parents and worrying how we would do it, but He has been so faithful. Lucy and Ellory are such a good gift, the best double blessing and twice the sunshine. 

While we were in Des Moines celebrating our super late Christmas, we also celebrated Lucy and Ellory's birthdays! My mom made them these fun cakes!

They are so excited for their birthday and it's the cutest. For all of our girls, my parents have given them a Bitty Baby for their first baby, and then an American Girl doll for their 5th birthday. What a special tradition! They have played with their dolls so much and they are definitely a favorite!

Lucy and Ellory were so excited to have preschool on their REAL birthday and bring treats and get their birthday crowns. We went to Kinderzone (a new indoor playground in our town) after preschool for a bit to play, went to the bakery after picking up Norah for a snack, and went out for supper with Papa, Amma, and Great Grandma Shirley. What a fun day! They opened new scooters, which we will use a ton as soon as it warms up!

Holding up the big FIVE!

Love our sweet girls!

Celebrating together is a treasure.

They all loved getting birthday milkshakes!

Happy 5th birthday, Lucy and Ellory- you are deeply loved! I'm so thankful to be your mom.


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