Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Will's 3rd birthday and Lucy and Ellory's 5th family birthday supper/activity.

A favorite family birthday tradition with just the five of us for our family celebration is to let the girls pick where they want to eat supper and what they want to do for an activity. Lucy and Ellory are turning five soon, so for their choice they picked Drop Zone and Red Robin. Technically, they picked Olive Garden for noodles and breadsticks, but that was an hour and forty five-two hour wait time, so we went next door to Red Robin instead and waited 15 minutes, much better! The girls were easily persuaded to switch when we told them they could get a birthday milkshake there. :)

Fun at Drop Zone! It was a little different this time because Norah had to be in the big kid area (5+), and Lucy and Ellory had to be in the little kid area since they weren't five yet and they wouldn't let them mix areas. We knew that was a possibility when we went there (it said the ages online but I couldn't get ahold of anyone on the phone to ask before we went), but we still had fun! Kley and I traded spots watching each location and it went fine. We even splurged for a few arcade games at the end to really live up the birthday treat and they got smarties and suckers with their tickets. They thought it was amazing!

I looked at them while they were playing and was once again in awe that we have TWINS! Sometimes I forget that they are twins as they age and become their own person more and more. They have such a special and sweet bond. Twins was the best surprise we've ever got! Happy 5th birthday, sunshine girls. A whole hand! We love you both so so much!

We also got to have a little construction birthday party for our nephew Will turning 3 a couple weeks ago! Happy birthday Will, we love you!

Trying to hold up 3 fingers. :)


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