Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Great Wolf Lodge.

For Christmas this year, we went pretty small on the gift side, and told the girls for their big gift that we were going to Great Wolf Lodge! Norah had heard about it because her and Kley watch this family on youtube who vlogs and they went there, and we showed them some pictures of it online, and they were so excited! They counted down the days and prayed about it frequently. Especially Ellory, she prayed everyday! It was the sweetest to watch their excitement. 

Overall, our time there was so wonderful and I'm so glad we went. Kley and I already said we want to do a bigger experience gift for Christmas every year! It was the perfect winter weekend getaway. We got to swim in the great waterpark, climb the rock wall, bowl, mine for gems, play this magic came, arcade, try the ropes course, and have donuts in the morning and ice cream at night! The girls were so brave in trying new things! They all did better at the rock wall than I thought they would. Norah and Ellory didn't love the ropes course, but so proud of them for trying it and being brave. Lucy loved the ropes course. I think the entire family favorite was the tube waterslide ride that we could all go on together. Ellory was scared to try it at first, but the second day we got her to try it once and then she loved it and went four times! It was so much fun and a family highlight we will all remember forever!

Zack, Karlie (my sister), and Averie live close to where we were, so they got to come for lunch and for a couple activities. A big win we could see them too!

The waterpark was so fun! Thankful for a great weekend. There are good and bad things about each stage, but one of the highlights about the parenting stage we are in now is that travel and activities like these are a bit easier. The girls are getting older and can try and do more things, and they will remember this trip. So special and so grateful we could do this together.


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