Monday, May 31, 2021

Tulip Festival 2021- Street scrubbing.

On the last parade of Tulip Festival, they have an alumni band march for whatever alumni who played in high school to walk again if they want. Kley loves it! What a fun tradition. The girls loved spotting Kley in the parade! Band wasn't very cool in my high school, but it was in Kley's. 

This is a new float for this year (the 80th Tulip Festival)- I love it!

Family picture by the tulips.

Grandma and Grandpa were here for the weekend too- such fun to share the festivities with them!

Street scrubbing! So fun! The girls were a little impatient/hot waiting for it to start, but once we got going they did amazing! They walked the entire route in their wooden shoes and did great! Overall it went very well, better than expected. In case you don't know, street scrubbing it a Dutch tradition before the parade starts where the men throw water on the street, and the women scrub the streets to "clean" them before the queen and her court walk on them. Special to share in this tradition!

Sweet little Dutch girls!

Love my family!

What a wonderful Tulip Festival!

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Tulip Festival 2021- Cousin pictures, Dutch costumes, parades, and more rides!

What a fun Tulip Festival this year! The girls are at such fun ages for it. We took some pictures in Dutch costumes with cousin Will.

The tulips looked amazing during the festival and check out how adorable the girls look!

The girls love their cousin Will!

The Thursday night parade is a favorite because they throw out candy at that one, and fun to watch it with the De Jongs! The girls loved seeing the band and trying to get as much candy as possible.

The tulip queen and her court!

The girls inched forward until they were standing on the curb to get the best sights possible!

Will's first ride- he liked it!

Someone asked me this week if having twins was a surprise to us. (A huge yes!) The best surprise we've ever received!

Their faces on the big slide is are the best!

This is my favorite! I happened to quickly snap everyone looking and smiling as they rounded the corner on the kid roller coaster!

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Tulip Festival 2021- Ride Night.

Tulip Festival is back and we are so excited! It's a yearly festival our town throws to celebrate our Dutch heritage. We didn't have it last year because of COVID, so it feels extra special to have it this year. It's hard to tell if Lucy and Ellory have any real memories of it, because they were two last time, so it's almost like they are experiencing it for the first time. So fun!

The first night is ride night, which is technically before the festival starts. You can buy a wristband for unlimited rides and that's the only night they sell them, so it's awesome! There are definitely the most people for rides that night, so you have to wait in line longer than other nights, but it's worth it and we still got on a lot of rides! The girls were so excited and it was super cute. They waited in line very well! 

Lucy and Norah wanted to ride the swings, but unfortunately Lucy was too short but handled it well. Ellory likes most rides, but isn't quite as adventurous, so she was happy watching that one.

Carousel rides with my beautiful girls!

Dragon ride.

Ride night is one of my favorite nights of the year. I love sharing it with our girls! Kley and I commented that one day, far too soon, they will rather go with their friends, so we are treasuring these moments and traditions. This is such a fun stage!

Boat rocking ride.

Big slide- a favorite!

Car ride.

Motorcycle ride.

Thankful for fun times and beautiful weather for it!