Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Tulip Festival 2021- Ride Night.

Tulip Festival is back and we are so excited! It's a yearly festival our town throws to celebrate our Dutch heritage. We didn't have it last year because of COVID, so it feels extra special to have it this year. It's hard to tell if Lucy and Ellory have any real memories of it, because they were two last time, so it's almost like they are experiencing it for the first time. So fun!

The first night is ride night, which is technically before the festival starts. You can buy a wristband for unlimited rides and that's the only night they sell them, so it's awesome! There are definitely the most people for rides that night, so you have to wait in line longer than other nights, but it's worth it and we still got on a lot of rides! The girls were so excited and it was super cute. They waited in line very well! 

Lucy and Norah wanted to ride the swings, but unfortunately Lucy was too short but handled it well. Ellory likes most rides, but isn't quite as adventurous, so she was happy watching that one.

Carousel rides with my beautiful girls!

Dragon ride.

Ride night is one of my favorite nights of the year. I love sharing it with our girls! Kley and I commented that one day, far too soon, they will rather go with their friends, so we are treasuring these moments and traditions. This is such a fun stage!

Boat rocking ride.

Big slide- a favorite!

Car ride.

Motorcycle ride.

Thankful for fun times and beautiful weather for it!


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