Monday, May 17, 2021

My sister graduated and is off to be a nurse!

My youngest sister, Kayla, graduated college! She went to college in the same town we live in, which was wonderful to be close to her! We are sad she is leaving, but excited for her next adventures. She's moving to Des Moines, where my parents and brother/his family live, so that will be great that we can still see her often. She worked hard and we are proud of her- she will be a great nurse!

Kayla had a nursing pinning ceremony and also commencement. Zack, Karlie (my sister), and Averie were able to come for the pinning ceremony, but she had to work the weekend so they couldn't stay for commencement. Love seeing my sweet niece!

Stroller walks with the gang- the best!

Karlie is a nurse also, so it was special that she got to pin Kayla.

Kayla is pinned! Fun to celebrate together.

Graduation day! We love you, Kayla! 

The girls sat incredibly well during the ceremony- way to go!

Keaton (my brother), Rose, Jorie, and Murphy were able to come for the weekend, so they made it to graduation. My parents were there for it all also. Fun to see Jorie and Murphy again too- special to see how they've grown and changed each visit.

We had a big celebration lunch at our house after graduation, and went to my grandparents for supper. I really treasure meals with them and am trying to soak up whenever we get them! Below is the December 20 picture- my grandpa really wanted to take that since him, me, and Murphy all have the same birthday.



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