Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Lucy and Ellory's Kindermusik visitor day.

Lucy and Ellory had their last day of Kindermusik for the year. Thankful that we got to have visitor day so we could go in and watch! In the younger classes, parents stay the whole time, but this year they were old enough to be in one of the classes where you go by yourself for most of the time. Usually parents go in for the last ten minutes of class, but we couldn't do that this year because of COVID, so it was special to go for visitor day! There usually are two visitor days, but the one last semester didn't happen because of COVID also. Their teacher did a fabulous job of posting pictures and sending detailed emails with everything they did, so we still got to be in the know. It also helped that Norah took this same class when she was their age too, so I knew what they were learning already.

Kindermusik classes are amazing! It truly is a highlight of the week for the girls. They learn so much in a super fun environment- lots of movement, songs, instruments, parachute, finger plays, stories, etc. We would highly recommend!

Way to go, Lucy and Ellory! You were so brave going all by yourselves this year and we are so proud of how well you did and how much you learned! We love you!

Their teacher also gave all the books, words to stick on, and pictures to make these sweet memory books!


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