Monday, March 27, 2023

Easter 2023- dyeing eggs.

Let the Easter festivities begin! Holiday traditions are so fun. I'm sure the girls won't remember everything, but I hope they grow up with fond memories of special times together. They sure are special times to me- so thankful to be a mom. And so thankful for Easter and we can celebrate He is Risen! 

We had a fun Sunday afternoon dyeing eggs. :)

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Lucy and Ellory's 6th birthday- family celebration.

One of my favorite family traditions is our family birthday celebrations for the girls, just the five of us. Celebrating with extended family is so great too, but there's something special about your own immediate family traditions. It's special to be able to create special traditions that they will remember. We let them pick an activity and restaurant for their birthday. We told Lucy and Ellory they could each pick their own activity, but they both agreed pretty quickly on one together. :)

They wanted to go to Olive Garden. We tried to get there early, but even by the time we got there the wait was already an hour, bummer! They both really wanted "long noodles with white sauce," so we ended up at Fazoli's instead and everyone seemed happy thankfully! We also went to Peach Wave for some yummy ice cream for dessert.

The activity they chose was Drop Zone. They all enjoyed the ninja course and jumping!

Happy 6th birthday, Lucy and Ellory. It's so fun to talk about their birth on their birthday and neat that they understand/remember more details with each year. So glad you were born and are in our family. You are a blessing every day and we love you!

Friday, March 10, 2023

Lucy and Ellory's 6th birthday party.

It was a special time to celebrate Lucy and Ellory's 6th birthday! We were able to combine a friend and family party this year- yay! Not all family was able to be there unfortunately, but many were, and also a few friend's families from church and school. Lucy and Ellory had a great time and it was neat to see the smiles on their faces. Lucy chose a sports theme (all sports, not just one!), and Ellory chose puppies and kitties. :) 

We had it at the indoor pool with pizza and ice cream cake! Norah had her 8th birthday party there in the fall, and Lucy and Ellory were set on having theirs there too. It was a great time!

Happy birthday Lucy and Ellory! Twins are the best surprise we've ever received. You both are a joy and being your parents is a great blessing. We love you so very much and Jesus loves you the most!

Monday, March 6, 2023

Lucy and Ellory's 6th birthday- De Jong celebration.

We got to celebrate Lucy and Ellory's 6th birthday a little early with the De Jongs! We also celebrated our nephew/cousin's 4th birthday too who is a couple weeks before them. It was a special night- basically family birthday celebrations are some of my favorite days of the year. Lucy and Ellory, we love spending our days with you and you light up our lives! :)

Amma (grandma) let them put as many candles as they wanted and clearly Lucy loved this!

Ellory stuck with 6 since she's turning 6! So fun to see their thinking and personalities.

Happy birthday, sweet girls. You are loved.  :)

And happy 4th birthday to Will!

We have two cousins on the De Jong side, and Will is within a month of Lucy and Ellory's birthday, and Gerrit is two days after Norah's, so it's fun everyone has a birthday buddy. 

We also got to go out for supper on their real birthday with Kley's parents and grandma. So thankful to live close to them! Lucy and Ellory were excited to get a special celebration milkshake for their birthday!