Friday, March 10, 2023

Lucy and Ellory's 6th birthday party.

It was a special time to celebrate Lucy and Ellory's 6th birthday! We were able to combine a friend and family party this year- yay! Not all family was able to be there unfortunately, but many were, and also a few friend's families from church and school. Lucy and Ellory had a great time and it was neat to see the smiles on their faces. Lucy chose a sports theme (all sports, not just one!), and Ellory chose puppies and kitties. :) 

We had it at the indoor pool with pizza and ice cream cake! Norah had her 8th birthday party there in the fall, and Lucy and Ellory were set on having theirs there too. It was a great time!

Happy birthday Lucy and Ellory! Twins are the best surprise we've ever received. You both are a joy and being your parents is a great blessing. We love you so very much and Jesus loves you the most!


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