Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Lucy and Ellory's 6th birthday- family celebration.

One of my favorite family traditions is our family birthday celebrations for the girls, just the five of us. Celebrating with extended family is so great too, but there's something special about your own immediate family traditions. It's special to be able to create special traditions that they will remember. We let them pick an activity and restaurant for their birthday. We told Lucy and Ellory they could each pick their own activity, but they both agreed pretty quickly on one together. :)

They wanted to go to Olive Garden. We tried to get there early, but even by the time we got there the wait was already an hour, bummer! They both really wanted "long noodles with white sauce," so we ended up at Fazoli's instead and everyone seemed happy thankfully! We also went to Peach Wave for some yummy ice cream for dessert.

The activity they chose was Drop Zone. They all enjoyed the ninja course and jumping!

Happy 6th birthday, Lucy and Ellory. It's so fun to talk about their birth on their birthday and neat that they understand/remember more details with each year. So glad you were born and are in our family. You are a blessing every day and we love you!


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