Sunday, May 28, 2023

Tulips 2023.

Pictures by the tulips in our town before Tulip Festival are some of my favorite of the year! Love these three beauties! 

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Last night of soccer 2023.

We wrapped up a great spring soccer season! All three girls played and did great! Norah sometimes said she didn't love it, but seemed okay while she was there and enjoyed it. Ellory was happy go lucky and just please to be there. Lucy went hard and was aggressive. So fun to watch all their personalities come through in different settings. Norah, Lucy, and Ellory- we love cheering for you and we love you! Go teal and blue!

Monday, May 22, 2023

Lucy and Ellory's kindergarten graduation 2023.

Lucy and Ellory are kindergarten graduates! We are so thankful they had such a great year in kindergarten. They were in the same class and that was a great decision for this year. Their teacher was wonderful, they had good friends, and the adjustment to all day school went mostly well. Now they are beginning reading and writing and it's so fun to see/hear! Lucy and Ellory, we are so proud of you and trust that God has great plans in store for you. We love you so much!

(Also, I think they were wearing the gowns backwards. Oops.)

Boy, having three daughters sure is special. :)

Lucy and Ellory did so great at their ceremony! So proud of how hard they both worked this year- way to go graduates! You are loved!

It was so cute to watch them see us in the crowd from the stands. Ellory was thrilled and smiled ear to ear and waved multiple times. Lucy tried to play it cool and keep her eyes forward, but I could tell she had a sly smile. 

Getting diplomas.

We kept them in the same class for Kindergarten, and that was a good decision for them for this year. Happy we did that and their teacher was so great!

They were so proud of their diplomas.

Special to have both sets of grandparents there!

Friday, May 19, 2023

Mother's Day 2023.

Happy Mother's Day! Having great models in my life of loving and Christ-centered motherhood is a huge gift to me, and a blessing to raise my three girls. Much to be thankful for. Also praying for those for whom Mother's Day is difficult. Norah, Lucy, and Ellory- I love you so much. Being your mom is my favorite and I am so glad you are my daughters. :)

It was special to visit Kley's grandma on Mother's Day too!

Sunday, May 14, 2023

Baby shower and monster truck show.

We've had some fun events this May! One weekend we had some extended family visiting in Sioux Falls, so we went there on a Friday and got to see them and go to the zoo. Lucy and Ellory didn't have school that day because it was kindergarten visit day, and we let Norah skip to tag along too! It would have been an early out for her too, so she didn't miss too much. We headed back again the following day for a baby shower for my cousin. 

Fun at the zoo! We didn't get to see as much as usual because some animals weren't back out yet from winter and many of the birds weren't out because of avian influenza, but we still had fun and glad we could go!

Fun to see my aunt and some cousins that we don't get to see often. We got to meet my cousin Alexandra's baby Jack, and celebrate my other cousin Victoria at her baby shower!

We also tried the monster truck show! I saw that it was coming to a town fairly close to us, so we thought it would be fun to do something different! We didn't know if the girls would like it or not, but we thought we'd give it a try. It started off a tad on the wrong foot right away because of the noise situation. I had ordered the girls noise canceling headphones prior, but amazon somehow delayed the package and then cancelled it, which didn't leave enough time to order more. We stopped on the way and got some ear plugs, so we had something, but headphones would have been better.

Norah was crying (our most sensitive to noise, which is also a good thing after getting her tubes last summer), and thankfully a kind soul behind us had two extra pairs that Norah and Ellory wore. Thankfully Lucy was okay and wore the plugs and held her hands over her ears. That helped a lot!

Honestly, it was fun to give it a try and I'm glad we attempted, but we left at intermission. It was loud and smoky and a bit slow moving. But there were many little boys there who looked super pumped, which was cute!

Here were their ratings- thumbs down from Norah and Ellory, one of each from Lucy. :)

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

First night of soccer 2023.

After an intense winter (we had 10 snow days this year!), we had an unseasonably warm first night of soccer! Usually soccer nights are chilly, so this was a warm welcome to spring! So fun to watch our girls out there. Let's go blue and teal teams! :)