Monday, May 22, 2023

Lucy and Ellory's kindergarten graduation 2023.

Lucy and Ellory are kindergarten graduates! We are so thankful they had such a great year in kindergarten. They were in the same class and that was a great decision for this year. Their teacher was wonderful, they had good friends, and the adjustment to all day school went mostly well. Now they are beginning reading and writing and it's so fun to see/hear! Lucy and Ellory, we are so proud of you and trust that God has great plans in store for you. We love you so much!

(Also, I think they were wearing the gowns backwards. Oops.)

Boy, having three daughters sure is special. :)

Lucy and Ellory did so great at their ceremony! So proud of how hard they both worked this year- way to go graduates! You are loved!

It was so cute to watch them see us in the crowd from the stands. Ellory was thrilled and smiled ear to ear and waved multiple times. Lucy tried to play it cool and keep her eyes forward, but I could tell she had a sly smile. 

Getting diplomas.

We kept them in the same class for Kindergarten, and that was a good decision for them for this year. Happy we did that and their teacher was so great!

They were so proud of their diplomas.

Special to have both sets of grandparents there!


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