Thursday, September 22, 2022

Fields of Fun 2022.

We had our first Fields of Fun trip (our local pumpkin patch) for the year! It's been fun to go on Labor Day the last few years because the girls don't have school and it's a special family outing. We had great weather this year and had fun checking out the animals, playground, pumpkins, corn pit, and bounce houses! Boy, do I love spending time with my four favorites. :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Labor Day weekend in Omaha 2022.

We had a fun Labor Day weekend in Omaha with the De Jongs! Kley's sister and her family live there now for the next part of Brett's residency. It's fun to have them not too far away and Omaha is a fun place to visit!

Sunday we went to Vala's Pumpkin Patch and Apple Orchard. Holy cow, what a place! I was floored at how massive it was and how many activities they had. We were there for four hours and I bet we did about 60% of the activities. It was super fun! 

The girls loved these balloon flower bracelets!

Apple picking was a highlight for sure! We went apple picking in MN for the first time last year for the first time and we had been saying we wanted to go again this year! There were tons of apples and it didn't take long to fill up our bag. Seasonal traditions are so sweet!

Ellory was wearing her sunglasses off and on during the day, so that's why she didn't have her glasses on in some of these pictures. She still wears them!

I snapped one picture of Lucy and her eyes were closed- oops.

One on one pictures with the girls don't happen enough!

Lucy and Papa.

The whole crew on the ride to pick apples- entire family photos are my favorite!

Train ride.

Big slide is always a hit!

Waiting for the pig races. Ellory got called up to cheer for the pig with the yellow bandana.

Fall fun!

Scooter ride to the park on Saturday. Love cousin time!

Norah is so sweet to her cousins.

Saturday morning we went to the Sunflower Festival at Nelson Produce Farm. That was a neat place too!

The sunflowers were definitely on their last leg, but it was still fun to see how huge they were. There were so many!

Hay ride.

They had this whole playground made out of hay bales with lots of slides.

Thankful for a fun weekend! Friday night we also swam at Brett and Elizabeth's community pool, and Saturday before bed we swam in the hotel pool. The girls are just giddy staying in a hotel- so fun to watch. A new place, elevators with buttons, room keys, breakfast in the lobby- so many exciting things! Elizabeth and I also got to sneak away for a couple hours Saturday afternoon to go shopping, yay! Such a special weekend!

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

First day of school 2022.

Norah, Lucy, and Ellory are all at the elementary school this year! So crazy! Not that I didn't enjoy their younger years, I really did, but it didn't feel like time was flying in the midst of newborn and two-year-old days, but now that they are older it really does seem like time flies. How are we here already? I don't know, but here we are. It's so bittersweet for me, but I'm thankful they are in a great school and that they are growing up and healthy and happy. Doesn't make it easy to let them go always, but this is how it should be and I'm so grateful that Jesus is with them always when I can't be. Here come second grade and kindergarten! Praying for a wonderful school year- go out there girls and be kind and share His love and light! You are brave and strong and He is with you the whole day long!

Praying for a smooth adjustment to school and for a great year of learning, growing, and friends!