Monday, September 13, 2021

Labor Day weekend 2021.

We've had some fun events lately! This wasn't actually a part of Labor Day weekend, but the first Saturday after school started, we had a fun girls outing (while Kley was at a fantasy football draft), where we went to the girls first ever movie in theatre! They were so excited. They had seen the trailer for the Paw Patrol movie and had been asking when it was coming out, and we vaguely said it was soon and that it would be fun to go. We waited to tell them until right before we left, and it was so fun to see the look on their faces. They were mesmerized and sat still through the whole thing. It was fun! We also went out for pizza after and went swimming at our local pool for the last time this summer.
We spent most of Labor Day weekend in Minneapolis visiting Zack, Karlie, and Averie (Karlie is my sister). It was fun! We hadn't been to their house since before COVID (we went the weekend before everything shut down), so the girls had been asking to go back for awhile. Thankfully we had seen them in between at other places, we just hadn't been to their house in awhile. The highlight was a trip to an apple orchard! It was a beautiful day!
So very fun to see my niece, Averie, and have some cousin time. The girls were so excited to do all the baby things with her!
Beautiful flower fields! So thankful for my family.
This was the first time the girls picked apples- what a special treat!
The best apple pickers!
Then when we got home Sunday, we got to hang out with the De Jongs. Thankful Brett, Elizabeth, and Will were in town! I LOVE family pictures with the entire crew!


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