Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Back to school 2021.

We are back to school! Norah is in first grade and Lucy and Ellory are in four-year-old preschool. Lucy and Ellory are in the same classroom they were in last year and have many of the same kids as they had last year, so their adjustment was very smooth. They were very excited to go back and so thankful they are enjoying it! Norah is having a tougher adjustment dealing with homesickness, but we expected that and are so very proud of how brave she is being! Even if there are some tears, we keep praising her for doing what she needs to do and trying her best. Being scared but persevering through is brave! She will be fine with some time. We are so proud of all three and praying for a wonderful year! We pray you can all be a light in your classrooms.

Isn't Ellory reaching out her arm to Kley the sweetest?

Our three beautiful girls! Can't believe how quickly they are growing and so thankful to be their mom!

We had a fun back to school weekend before it began. We got donuts and went to the park. My mom came for the weekend and the girls got their nails painted at a salon for the first time! We also rented a bounce house for a couple days and had our life group and lots of school friends over to jump. Such fun!


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