Tuesday, September 6, 2022

First day of school 2022.

Norah, Lucy, and Ellory are all at the elementary school this year! So crazy! Not that I didn't enjoy their younger years, I really did, but it didn't feel like time was flying in the midst of newborn and two-year-old days, but now that they are older it really does seem like time flies. How are we here already? I don't know, but here we are. It's so bittersweet for me, but I'm thankful they are in a great school and that they are growing up and healthy and happy. Doesn't make it easy to let them go always, but this is how it should be and I'm so grateful that Jesus is with them always when I can't be. Here come second grade and kindergarten! Praying for a wonderful school year- go out there girls and be kind and share His love and light! You are brave and strong and He is with you the whole day long!

Praying for a smooth adjustment to school and for a great year of learning, growing, and friends!


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