Monday, August 29, 2022

End of summer fun.

The last week before school starts is always a fun time of doing final summer hurrah activities! One morning we went to Sandy Hollow, a local area with a little beach. They loved playing in the sand and water and was definitely something they had wanted to do all summer, so I'm glad we could fit it in!

One day it rained almost the entire day (which was good, we needed rain in our area), but that cut out all outdoor ideas, so we went to the bowling alley and took Great Grandma De Jong with too. We had lots of fun!

Poor Ellory took a tumble off the monkey bars at the church picnic earlier in the week and we thought she broke her left arm, but thankfully x-ray showed she just sprained it and she was back to normal pretty quickly!

We also had fun going to school and meeting their new teachers for the year! Lucy and Ellory will be in the same class for kindergarten. We chose that- we went back and forth, but thought that with separation anxiety and adjusting to school, that they would like having each other for this year.

The day before school started, we went for a bike ride, got their nails and toes painted to have fancy nails for school, and went to Siouxnami (a waterpark in a neighboring town that they had also wanted to go to all summer and we hadn't made it to yet). Fun to get some last fun summer activities in!


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