Monday, August 8, 2022

Fun weekend in MN.

We had a super fun weekend in the cities visiting Karlie (my sister), Zack, and Averie! The girls were thrilled to go and thoroughly enjoyed loving on cousin Averie. We had fun at several different parks, splash pad, walking to DQ, playing outside, and s'mores! We also got to meet up with a college friend, Jackie, and her family for supper one night too. Thankful for a special weekend! It was great weather and we all commented it was the perfect summer fun.

We took the girls to Bethel, where Kley and I both went. They had never been before, and it was special to show them a place that meant so much to us. This is the bench that Kley asked me to be his girlfriend on almost 15 years ago. :)

And now look where we are now- married for almost 12 years and three girls in tow!

Cousin love at the splash pad.

We enjoyed several picnics outside!


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