Thursday, August 4, 2022

Swimming lessons, dance camp, and golf camp 2022.

We've had a fun couple weeks of summer activities! The girls all had a big week of swimming lessons. It was fun to watch their determination in the water. They learned a lot and toned their skills! Lucy and Ellory went off the diving board and down the slide by themselves (with their teacher catching them at the bottom). Norah has really grown and can swim in the deep all by herself (still being closely watched). Way to go girls! We are proud of you for going in with good attitudes even if there was a part you were afraid to try, listening to your teacher and trying everything you were asked to try! Going swimming is really fun this summer as you are getting older and more independent in the water!

The girls all went to a princess dance camp for two mornings. It was cute and they were excited to go. They did tumbling, crafts, and learned a short dance routine to a song.

Norah did a four day junior golf camp! Fun to see some friends, play some fun golf games, and learn a little more technique. (This camp is for 6-9 as the youngest group, so Lucy and Ellory are excited to join in next summer when they are six. Kley would be thrilled if the girls enjoyed golfing!)


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