Friday, August 12, 2022

Kley is a rockstar!

Our town does a concert/show in the park on Wednesdays in the summer, and this Wednesday was The Kley De Jong Band! It's funny how many people have asked me about this. He has played at a couple different things over the last years, and his band never had a name, so the newspaper printed it as The Kley De Jong Band. The "band" has also never been the same people, just whatever friends he can find to join each time. But, even though the "band" term is loose, they sounded great and it was fun! Kley really enjoyed it. Kley self taught himself to play guitar in college, and he really is pretty good! The girls loved seeing him on stage.

They advertised that there would be food trucks, but for whatever reason there weren't any after all, so we improvised and the girls had their first lunchables for supper! Who loved lunchables as a kid? They were such a fun special treat when I was younger. One of those fun, special moments that makes summer wonderful. :)


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