Thursday, May 27, 2021

Tulip Festival 2021- Cousin pictures, Dutch costumes, parades, and more rides!

What a fun Tulip Festival this year! The girls are at such fun ages for it. We took some pictures in Dutch costumes with cousin Will.

The tulips looked amazing during the festival and check out how adorable the girls look!

The girls love their cousin Will!

The Thursday night parade is a favorite because they throw out candy at that one, and fun to watch it with the De Jongs! The girls loved seeing the band and trying to get as much candy as possible.

The tulip queen and her court!

The girls inched forward until they were standing on the curb to get the best sights possible!

Will's first ride- he liked it!

Someone asked me this week if having twins was a surprise to us. (A huge yes!) The best surprise we've ever received!

Their faces on the big slide is are the best!

This is my favorite! I happened to quickly snap everyone looking and smiling as they rounded the corner on the kid roller coaster!


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