Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Celebration weekend/Father's Day 2019.

We had lots to celebrate this weekend! We were in Des Moines for Jorie's first birthday party (our niece/cousin), and Sunday she was dedicated at their church, and it was also my dad's birthday and Father's Day! We had a fun time celebrating. Spending time with family is the best!

Jorie's party was so cute, look at the adorable background sign! 

We love you Jorie and pray you grow up to love and serve Jesus!

We also drove my grandparents to Des Moines for the weekend too, which was very special and they were so happy to be there. (They live close to us and can't drive that far alone anymore.) So fun to watch them enjoy it! My grandpa says often that he wishes he could get on the floor and play with the great grandkids but he just can't, and I think it's so sweet that he really wants to.

When we drove home on Sunday, we were able to have supper with Kley's family. I always love getting to see both sides of the family in the same day- doesn't happen often!

Practicing our golf swings! Kley's parents live on the golf course, so this is their backyard!

Hardly ever get one on one shots with the girls, love it!

Practicing with Papa and Amma.

The best family shots we could get. Happy Father's Day to you, Kley. You are a wonderful dad and I am so thankful to parent with you. We all sure love you!!

Very fun to see Brett, Elizabeth, and Will too! (It was also Brett's birthday!)


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