Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Tulip Festival 2019- Street Scrubbing.

Norah, Kley, and I snuck out one afternoon to street scrub! (We left Lucy and Ellory at home with Papa for their nap.) In case you are unfamiliar, we live in a small, very Dutch town and every year we have Tulip Festival to celebrate our Dutch heritage. For all the afternoon parades, people wear Dutch costumes and scrub the streets to make them clean for the queen and her court to come through. It was fun and I'm glad we did it!

Our sweet little Dutch girl!

Norah and I got to wear matching costumes!

Such fun pictures! The men throw water on the streets and the women scrub them.

We joined with Brett, Elizabeth, and Will too!

Will wore Brett's grandpa Will's baptismal dress (tradition). 

Fun to see all the different costumes. (Each province has a different costume.)

Norah was a great scrubber!

Kley also enjoyed marching in the alumni band.

Snuck in a few last photos with the girls by the tulips!

Happy Tulip Festival!

We ended Tulip Festival weekend with supper with Kley's family- always fun to be together! Also, we've added Will since we took our last family photo like this- yay!

It's so fun to watch the girls love on cousin Will!


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