Monday, June 17, 2019

Florida 2019- Ocean and pool fun.

We had such a fun time enjoying the beach and pool. What a treat! So nice to spend time with family and enjoy nice weather. The girls thoroughly enjoy having grandparents and aunts/uncles around to play with and entertain them, and thankful for family who will happily oblige that!

The girls love having daddy around a lot too!

Trying to surf on Uncle Zack's back.

The house we stayed in had a private pool, which was awesome and we definitely utilized it!

Seeing the ocean everyday is the best.

Sun hats and rash guards are the cutest. (I am all for rash guards- more sun protection and less sunscreen to put on!)

Checking out the waves!

It's fun to watch Norah grow more and more comfortable in the water- practicing her back float!

Watching my parents be grandparents is pretty special!

Daddy and his girls!

Practicing our jumps!

Lucy is an absolute fish. She is the most adventurous/fearless of the girls- she loves to jump in over and over, doesn't care if a wave hits her in the face, and loves to be thrown in the air in the pool. Fun to watch her love it, but you also have to keep close tabs on her at all times because she thinks she can do more than she really can.

Norah is getting great at being brave to jump, put her face under, and swim short distances (with floaties still, but good progress)!

Grandma even got in the pool to play! Ellory is getting more and more comfortable in the water too.

This is one of the most hilarious pictures ever and will be a forever favorite I think. Lucy loved to be thrown up, and the whole week she struggled to keep her swim bottoms up! It was so funny. She has the tiniest booty! If you look closely, you can see that I even put a hair tie on one side to make it tighter, ha!

Another example of Lucy being thrown!

Very grateful for a wonderful week!


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