Friday, May 31, 2019

Tulip Festival 2019- Parades.

They have two parades a day, but we haven't ventured to both yet to still have the girls nap and not have too much activity, which for this year was still a great choice. We went to all the evening parades and it was a great amount of time. The girls sat so well for them! 

Seeing the Pride of the Dutchmen marching band, Kley's favorite! Norah absolutely loved the band last year, but for some reason said they (specifically the cymbals) were too loud this year, so she just tolerated it.

The Queen and her court!

We sat with our friends for one night and it was fun to join in with them! The girls loved standing together and trying to get as much candy as they could.

Saw Great Grandpa Ver Steeg and glad we got a picture with him!

The girls snuck in another round on the giant slide and the motorcycle ride!

Another night parade with extended family- so fun!

The girls enjoyed the inflatable after another parade!

This picture is my favorite- Lucy just loves adventure!

Ellory was scared to climb up at first, but eventually did it and liked it!

Stage dancing after the parade.


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