Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Royal Princess Ball.

Norah and I had lots of fun at the Royal Princess Ball! It was so cute to see tons of little girls running around in their princess costumes. We went with our friends, Madison and Ainsley, and it was fun to watch them together. They were so excited and their eyes lit up when we walked in. Norah was braver than I thought she would be going up to the princesses!

They had story time with Anna, craft tables around the sides to decorate a crown, and then just had lots of different dances where each princess came up and sang a song from their movie and you could dance along with. (It was funny because it wasn't an actual Disney sponsored event, so they couldn't use their names or sing the songs, so the characters actually sang over the background accompaniment, and their names were things like Snow Princess and Mermaid Princess on the brochure instead of Elsa and Ariel, for example. But none of the little girls cared or even noticed that!)

Ballroom dancing with Cinderella.

Lots of twirling!

Dancing with Aurora.

Norah and Ainsley! So fun to watch your kids get older and develop friendships. Norah has many sweet friends already from preschool and church. The girls had been waiting for this princess ball for months and were just giddy driving there!

Elsa is who they wanted a picture with the most!

Norah, you are the sweetest.

I made the classic worst mistake and waited until the end to try to take a picture with Norah when she was really tired, so this was the best we got. Thankful for an afternoon together with my girl!


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