Monday, May 20, 2019

Mother's Day 2019.

We had a great Mother's Day! It doesn't really look like it from these pictures, but it was a good day. The girls refused to take a nice picture with just me (big daddy's girls over here), so we tried the tripod and automatic timer. We didn't end up getting any that were super great and I didn't realize until after it was all done that there was a big smudge on the lens from the girls touching it, so that's why there's a blurry spot in the middle of all the shots. Oh well, right? 

Norah didn't smile for any of the family shots, and then out of nowhere requested a solo shot. :)

Norah's trying to get Ellory to smile- looks like she's choking her. Oops.

We went out to brunch and supper with Kley's family, so I didn't have to cook lunch or supper, and I also got a nap in the afternoon because all three girls gloriously slept at the same time. Being a mom is one of my favorite titles and the best job in the world. Norah, Lucy, and Ellory, being your mom brings me such joy.


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