Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Easter 2019, part 2.

We had an awesome time at Howell's, which is really a pumpkin patch but they did an egg hunt this year for the first time, and we all loved it! It was beautiful weather, we found some eggs and redeemed them for a prize (which was a sucker and some corn to feed the goats, which was seriously the best prize ever to the girls. I love this young age where a sucker is still an amazing prize). 

Our egg hunters!

Aunt Kayla had a break from college, so it was fun to spend extra time with her too.

Feeding the goats! Ellory is the biggest animal lover, so she went right up to them, and Lucy and Norah held back a little more. Norah was braver this time and fed them a little bit in the end!

Norah loves their tire swings! And thankful for wonderful grandparents all around who play so well with the girls!

They have this bathtub train ride that's my favorite. The girls love it, and who doesn't want to go in a relaxing ride sitting in a bathtub while looking at beautiful scenery with great weather?

They had pony rides too! All the girls loved it! Unfortunately Kley missed this outing because he was golfing with his dad/BIL, but it's probably for the best because he's allergic to horses. 

The Easter bunny wasn't supposed to be there at the time we were according to the schedule, but he was and Norah said she wanted to say hi to him. 

We went to Keaton and Rose's church Sunday morning and they had a massive egg hunt!

Easter baskets from Grandpa and Grandma! Norah was thrilled with M+M's, Ellory loved her Frozen book, and Lucy wanted to open her bubble wand immediately.

Easter photos!

Norah must have learned to strike a pose at preschool or something; she thinks it's hilarious!

I feel like it's usually still chilly over Easter, so I planned for warmer outfits, but it was quite warm that day! But they looked adorable and I love having three girls!

Happy Easter! Incredibly thankful for our Savior and that He died and rose for us!


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