Monday, April 29, 2019

Easter 2019, part 1.

Celebrating holidays with kids is just the best. (Granted, in the moment it's sometimes hard with changed schedules, lots of people, etc. but it's always worth it and I look back on it with fondness!) We started celebrating with dying eggs. The most extensive we got was writing on a couple with white crayon first, otherwise we are still at the one color per egg stage. :)

Lucy and Ellory thought it was great fun. They didn't participate last year, so they were giddy to slosh their eggs in and stir them around.

We spent Easter in Des Moines, which was great to be able to see a lot of family. It was fun to see Jorie, and we got to watch her take her very first steps!

We enjoyed beautiful weather outside with the three cutest bunnies!

While we do do fun things like egg dying and bunny ears, it was neat to read lots of Easter books and do Resurrection Eggs and talk about the real meaning of Easter, that Jesus died for our sins and rose again!

We got to see the De Jong side too, which was awesome! Brett, Elizabeth (Kley's sister), and Will live in Des Moines, and Brad and Jana were there too because Brett had his white coat ceremony for med school. Way to go, Brett! They do a scavenger hunt for the girls each year instead of a traditional Easter basket and it's really fun!

"Who's ready for Easter?" (That's why they were raising their hands, though it looks like they're just yanking on Will's arm.) Fun to see how cousins grow every time. Will's such a sweetie!


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