Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Minneapolis weekend.

We spent the weekend in Minneapolis recently, visiting my sister! Always fun to venture into a big city and see family! Kley and I went to Bethel in St. Paul (where we met), and it was fun to drive through the campus again and remember back.

We (my dad, two sisters, and I) ran a 5k that benefitted my sister's hospital where she is a NICU nurse. It was fun! It was a pretty route and fun to have something to train for. I don't have many opportunities for competitiveness in my adult life, so it's fun to have that every once in awhile and try to pass people! I didn't get my best time, but it was a good race considering I didn't train beforehand near as much as I should have. It was by far my biggest race too with 9,000 runners!

We enjoyed some downtime hanging out at their house and walking to DQ. Ellory was living a life of luxury with being both pulled and pushed!

It was a little chilly for ice cream outdoors, but that doesn't stop this ice cream loving family. (Lucy was just outside the frame, pushing the wagon around and didn't want to come in it. She was so enthralled with pushing it that she didn't even eat her ice cream.)

We had fun at Como Zoo, one of my favorite spots from when we lived there! The girls had much more fun than their faces show in this photo. It was supposed to rain a lot of the weekend, so we were thankful it didn't rain as much as they said and we could do some things outside!

The monkeys were almost everyone's favorite!

Giraffes are my favorite.

Piggy back rides! Not a ton of animals were out yet since it was still early in the season, but it was fun to see what they had, and it worked perfectly because we went after naps, so we didn't have tons of time before they closed anyways.

The conservatory is one of my favorite spots, so Karlie, Ellory, and I ran ahead to see it before it closed. (Norah and Lucy were slowly pulling the wagon behind us, but they loved that and didn't mind missing it.) Such beautiful flowers!

Always fun to do something one on one with my girls, even if it's just a quick ten minutes.

Karlie and Minneapolis, we love you! (Karlie's husband, Zack, was gone for the weekend at a work retreat.) We'll be back again! Also, the girls slept shockingly well away from home, so that's always a plus, and we got to have brunch with some college friends!


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