Monday, April 1, 2019

Celebrating Lucy and Ellory's 2nd birthday with the De Jongs.

While Brett, Elizabeth, and Will were here over Brett's spring break, we got to celebrate Lucy and Ellory's 2nd birthday, and also Elizabeth's birthday too! (For those who don't know, Elizabeth is Kley's only sibling, and Brett is in his second year of med school. They weren't able to make it to their birthday party last month because Will had just been born.) So thankful for loving family and celebrating together!

These pictures were too funny to delete. The birthday girls were supposed to be raising their hands, hence Elizabeth's hand in the air. Lucy and Ellory are not raising their hands, even though we were celebrating them, and Norah's hand is raised, even though she was not being celebrated. Ha. Also, take note of my lovely husband in these photos. Makes life fun for sure! :)

Thanks, Kley, for the bunny ears. Classy. I actually really didn't know he was doing that until I uploaded them later.

Jana, my MIL, always has the cutest birthday decor. Check out Norah's birthday hat and Lucy and Ellory's adorable headbands!

They made them the cutest dirt cups (gummy worms, chocolate pudding, and oreo crumbs). Lucy was a big fan.

The girls sure love their cousin Will! I do too! I got to hold him for a long time and he was perfectly content and it was amazing.

Opening up a couple presents! (They just got something really small, an Aquamat and a toy phone, because their big present from the De Jong side was their new big girl mattresses/box springs!)

If only people paid attention to Will. :)

It appears that Lucy is completely squishing him in this picture, but she really wasn't!

Again with the cutest birthday treats/decor!

Kley has been really loving his Will time too. He said that this might be the closest thing to a biological son he'll ever have. We'll see I guess!

Family celebrations are the best!


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