Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Chicks and swimming!

We had a fun family day! We were home this weekend without plans, which was really nice because we are busy the next few weekends. We visited the chicks at one of our local hardware stores (a big sign that spring is here/coming, even though it was pretty cold today) and the girls loved it! They even all touched one, which isn't that big of a deal for Ellory (our biggest animal lover), but brave for Norah and Lucy! So fun to have yearly traditions like this so we can see how they've grown each year! Check out last year.

They watched them for quite awhile!

We went swimming for the girls birthdays earlier this fall/winter, but Norah had been asking to go again, so we said we would go once more this winter sometime, and we finally made it happen today. They were very excited! Kayla (my sister who goes to college in our town) was able to come with too, which was fun, and we also hit up Pizza Ranch before. Wins all around!

Ellory is getting a bit braver on the little slide. She did it without holding our hand this time! However, there was a spraying fountain that came on occasionally that reached the slide, so whenever that came on she would climb back down the stairs and not want to do it. Not that I really blamed her, I don't really like my face getting splashed either!

These girls sure love having Daddy around on Saturdays!

Kley and I both laughed at his facial expression in this picture.

Lucy went down the slide laying down and even backwards. Adventurous! 

Norah and Kley going down the big slide!

Now Lucy thought she needed to go down a few more times. 

Norah enjoys the slides too!

Kley and I were reminiscing about Lucy and Ellory's earlier days because we saw another set of 7 month old girl twins there too. (I know this because I went up to her and congratulated her and asked how old they were. Twin moms unite!) We've come so far in two years!

Happy Saturday! Being together is the best.


  1. Love the unity you have with other twin moms 😍 what a fun Saturday for you!!


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