Monday, April 2, 2018

Donuts and ducklings.

Usually on Tuesday mornings we go to the library for story hour, but that session ended, so we had this Tuesday morning free. We decided to have a special Easter celebration morning and went to get donuts and look at the baby ducklings one of our local stores has. It was fun!

Norah is branching out and did not get sprinkles today. :)

Getting all three to look at the camera and smile is a near impossible task!

Baby ducklings!

Lucy and Ellory were mesmerized and loved watching them. Norah watched for a couple minutes and then kept announcing she was ready to go see the other things, but thankfully settled happily for just wandering down the aisles for a few minutes when I told her these were the only animals they had. Ha. But she did say it was fun several times after we left!

Norah doesn't let me do ponytails on her very often because she likes her hair down, but I think it makes her look older!

And here are my best shots of trying to get them all to smile.

Happy Easter! What a great time to celebrate our Savior!


  1. Haha these pictures are great!! #lifewithlittles looks like a fun variety on a Tuesday morning!!


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